5 Video Tips For Trade Show/Event Follow Up

5 Video Tips For Trade Show/Event Follow Up

You’ve had a successful trade show or event. You return to your office having gathered a list of attendees and their business cards. Where do you begin to follow up? Video is a great way to follow up post trade show or event. It’s visually engaging and the messaging can be easily tailored to your audience. More importantly, strong statistics show people are more interested in watching video than reading your email or marketing copy. Don’t bore readers with another email or PDF marketing brochure. Here are five ways to use video to follow up with prospects and clients after your next trade show or event.

1. Send Video In Your Email. According to recent research by eMarketer, marketers who use video in email cite increased click-through rates, increased time spent reading the email, increased sharing and forwarding, increased conversion rates, and increased dollars generated as the top benefits. While you can’t send or embed video in your email you can send a link to the video. A great way to do this is putting the image of the video player in your email with a link to the video. Since video is so popular, the email recipient will click on the video to watch it. This will take them to a page, on YouTube or your website, to watch the video.

2. Send A Thank You Video. Send those who visited your trade show booth or attended your event a short video thanking them for attending. This video could be from you personally or from the entire team at your company. This is a very personal way to reconnect with prospects or clients, reconnects them with you and your brand and continues to build confidence and trust in your companies offerings.

3. Send Them A Series of Product/Services Videos. Your prospects and clients have interest in specific products or services you offer. Send them a follow up series of email with links to videos that teach them more about the products or services they have interest in. Did you know you can automate this step? Learn more about automating and fixing your follow up.

4. Send How To Videos. Teaching prospects or clients how to use your products or services, or how they can be used, builds confidence and trust in your brand. It also helps increase sales closes when they see, through videos, how your products or services can benefit them.

5. Send Next Event Videos. Use video to tell prospects and clients about upcoming events. Sending a video about your next seminar, presentation, upcoming open house or trade show exhibit visually reconnects prospects and clients with your company and strengthens brand trust.

Next time you have an event or trade show exhibit consider using video to follow up with your prospects and clients. Statistics show there is far better engagement with video than reading email or another brochure. These 5 video tips for trade show/event follow up will help you and your company increase sales and build brand trust.

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