Brand Stories & Brand-Funded Films That Help You Stand Out In A Crowded Market & Connect Purpose-Driven Companies With Like Minded Audiences

The Old Way Is Broken

You've built your cause or brand with a passion, eager to make a difference and stand out.

Your drive for profitability isn't just about earnings—it's about creating a lasting impact, stability and thriving.

But, reaching your audience and goals has become more difficult. Today's market is weary from ad bombardment.

The old disruptive marketing model is broken. You need a new approach that builds real trust, reach and emotional connection with your audience.

Building Trust in an Ad-Weary World With Brand Storytelling

Your audience is looking for stories they can connect with and brands they can trust. This is where entertainment and commerce collide to create opportunity with brand storytelling.

Brand storytelling is brand funded, authentic, unscripted documentary style films or narratives that move, inspire, and connect your brand values with liked minded audiences.

Why Brand Storytelling?

The New Game-Changing Marketing
Impacting Your Audience

Proven Framework

Using our decades-long proven framework, we partner with brands, like yours, to strategically craft brand funded films that, unlike traditional advertising, can be distributed across unique multi-channel platforms; including earned media, social, film festivals and stream-platforms; that have far reaching impact on brand awareness.

Brands who want to lead out in their industry, community, and be world influencers, need to capture hearts and minds. Brand storytelling is the vehicle to do that and the wave of the future.

Brands We've Worked With


Countless International Awards



The Rev'd Canon E. Mark Stevenson, Director

Episcopal Migration Ministries, The Episcopal Church

"...Super-Responsive, Intuitive! I seek out opportunities to work
with them."

Megan Smolenyak

Executive Producer

"TeleStory was great to work with! They really just went above and beyond..."

Terri Alessi-Miceli

President | CEO, HIA-LI

"...thank you for providing VTS with a first-rate film!

Russ Hardy

Vice President & General Manager, VTS Medical Systems

Case Studies | Success Stories

Emotional, story-driven brand storytelling brings thought-provoking, shareable content to the world to impact, engage and influence your audience. Working with companies, just like yours, we've helped them reach their goals with brand storytelling. Read and learn below about their success stories.

Episcopal Migration Ministries

How One Can Affect Many

Episcopal Migration Ministries wanted greater impact on refugees services and knew their message could lead change. But, they lacked effective media tools to tell their story. With the help of LDS Charities and TeleStory Pictures, an emotional compelling story was created of their decades-long work to lift the down trodden and outcast. The award-winning documentary short created the impactful change they desired.


“Home Run!”
The Rev'd Canon E. Mark Stevenson, Director
Episcopal Migration Ministries, The Episcopal Church


"TeleStory was great to work with! They
really just went above and beyond..."

Terri Alessi-Miceli
President | CEO, HIA-LI

Long Island Innovation Park At Hauppauge

Largest Industrial Park East Of The Mississippi

The Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge had a goal to attract companies and economic growth to the region. Their stories were fragmented and message unclear why companies should have interest in relocating to the second largest industrial park in North America. This would keep them from reach their goal. Bridging the gap, TeleStory Pictures partnered with them, using their proven process to create compelling, emotionally driven stories and structure. The international award-winning short film and media campaigns reached across social, media and television platforms helping achieve their objectives.


A Legacy Of History

Ellis Island Foundation knows the power of story. Countless untold stories have walked the halls of this gateway to America. On the eve of an important gala celebration, key stories needed to be told to drive further drive the foundations cause. But finding a partner who could handle the depth of research and filmmaking was challenging. If they could deliver those stories it would greatly impact their purpose and cause.

Ellis Island engaged TeleStory Pictures to create these celebrity documentary, Kennedy-center award, style films that magically transported the audience into history and set the tone and ambience for a successful gala event.

Our Process

With the high-level nature of strategic and creative work we do to deliver exceptional brand storytelling for your brand, we are selective about the projects we collaborate with and stories we tell. The outline below gives a 50,000 foot view of the process we engage in to create and deliver award-winning, impactful brand storytelling.


Our discovery includes learning your purpose, audience, goals and determine if there's a good fit.


With our proven framework, we'll partner and guide you through the process to reach your goals.


You'll celebrate your wins, the brand influence on your market and impact on your audience.

What's The Cost?

What's it costing you not reaching and impacting your audience? How much longer will you miss the opportunity?

Let our award-winning team guide your purpose-driven brand to success and drive audience connection with authentic, emotional, story-driven brand storytelling.