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"Catalyzing Innovation in Healthcare: Our Purpose-Driven, Authentic Video Production and Branded Films Transform Lives, Build Trust, Reduce Staff Burnout, and Boost Profitability by Engaging Patients and Enhancing Outcomes."

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  • Less Staff Burnout and More Energy To Focus
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Strategic Proven Framework

With over 20 years in the healthcare space, we'll help you save time reaching your goals with our strategic proven framework. Patients, and their friends and family, will see your healthcare organization as the hero helping you increase trust, reach and more patient care. Even better your colleagues will be applauding your success!

Today's patients/consumers are looking for someone they can trust. Purpose-driven, emotive healthcare videos showcase your real "why", helping those who watch feel a sense of hope, optimism and trust.

"...thank you for providing VTS with a first-rate film!

Russ Hardy

Vice President & General Manager, VTS Medical Systems

Three Easy Steps To Success

1. Discovery

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3. Celebrate

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Healthcare Video Production

Case Studies | Success Stories

As an expert healthcare video production company, we've helped healthcare organizations, like yours, reach their goals with healthcare branded films and stories that emotionally build connection, trust and increase profitability. Discover success stories below.

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VTS & STERIS, pioneers in surgical broadcasts and 4k hospital operating room integration, had been in business more than 30 years. They hadn't told their story and showcased their cutting-edge technology for the medical industry to see. Their goal was to reach a larger global market.

The completed branded film opened new conversations in their market and helped position them as a top three world leader in surgical operating room integration.

"...thank you for providing VTS with a first-rate film!
Russ Hardy, Vice President & General Manager
VTS Medical Systems


the first sterile and disposable post surgical bra created by a woman for women for breast reductions and breast cancer patients

EZ Bra, an Israeli company, initially wanted simple footage to showcase their new product, EZbra. With our medical, healthcare expertise, we strategically consulted with the team, introducing ways to deeper connect the product and story with patients, healthcare workers and decision makers using branded films.

The outcome included staged Post OR simulations and in-home application instructions with direct targeted experiences for both users. This strategic approach increased brand awareness, trust and optimized hospital integration of the product globally.


Convatec, a global medical products and technologies company, focused on therapies for the management of chronic conditions and advanced wound care, needed to tell the story of their cutting-edge technology that allowed for faster incision therapy healing in joint replacement patients.

Working with Convatec, we created a series of short medical videos that showcased doctor research testimonials, patient outcomes and how medical teams could successfully use the device. Further, it included helpful video sources for patient use. The short medical videos were directed at doctors and other medical decision makers.

Convatec successfully used the videos globally to fast track medical team decision making processes and create better patient outcomes in a global healthcare market.

Elite Health Services

A pioneer in Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, ELITE HEALTH SERVICES was searching for best practices to educate doctors why their manual functional therapy approach had greater recovery and patient outcomes versus traditional PT.

Creating a short film/video, this medical, healthcare branded story created greater outreach and education for doctors, athletes and patients. The educational awareness created more demand for Elite Health Services and the need to open additional offices in the tri-state area.

"Woohoo! Just watched and I’m smiling. Thank you for all the extra attention….I look forward to our next project!"
Connie S.C.
Director of Operations & Business Development
Elite Health Services

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Healthcare Video Production

For more than two decades, TeleStory Pictures' branded stories division has been collaborating with and serving global organizations in the medical and healthcare industry with healthcare video production. As an expert healthcare video production company, we help healthcare and life sciences companies, like yours, grow their target market and revenues by strategically creating and engaging branded stories and brand storytelling films. Medical and healthcare clients like Myriad Genetics, Philips Medical, STERIS, Fresenius, ConvaTec and more have trusted us to partner with them for better healthcare outreach, patient outcomes and profitability.