How Much Does Video Cost?

How Much Does Video Cost?

Back in the day there was this idea there was a per minute cost to creating and producing marketing films, commercials and corporate videos for your business. Basically, a simple formula would tell you what a video should cost. If you think about it, that’s like pricing out your brand message or products/services as a commodity. Is there a value to what you offer? Of course there is. So what’s the value and how much does video cost?

At TeleStory Pictures our goal is to tell your story so people make an emotional connection with your brand, you can educate them, build trust sooner, close sales faster and grow your business. To do that, we use the most powerful tools on earth to help you deliver that message and move people through the buyers journey faster. And consumers love it and are attracted to it like bees to honey! It’s called video.

If you’re considering working with us you probably want to know a little about our pricing. To produce and create the unique, powerful, international award-winning films and commercials we do and get the kind of results we do that resonate with your audience and help you reach your business goals, we can’t and don’t have cookie cutter pricing. Sorry, it’s just not possible. While it would make it easier for everyone, including us, there are just so many variables to consider. Think about this. What does it cost to buy a home? What’s the cost of a wedding? Vacation? Next car? Lots of variables and pricing that can swing widely. We also understand not addressing pricing is the fastest way to frustrate you. So, while I can’t give you exact costs, I can give you a range that will help you decide if the results we deliver are a good fit for your company. Most of our videos range somewhere between $7,500 and $35,000. We’ve produced some videos for less and we’ve produced many for a lot more. Of course the higher the budget the more strategy and creativity goes into each film. Whatever your budget, guaranteed you’ll always get our best work.

You’ll always get a strategically planned, professional video that emotionally engages and delivers your message to your audience. Factors that affect cost? The number of filming days, locations for filming, how many paid or speaking actors, how many videos are we creating of the same video and many more variables all come into play determining cost.

Since the most important videos in your business will be around for a while, helping you grow your business and creating a return on investment, they’re worth investing more to create more engaging stories and faster sales conversion. Honestly, we’re not going to waste your time encouraging you to spend money on high-end videos that are only around a few weeks. That’s why it’s important to always begin with strategy. We’ll work with you to clearly understand your goals, message, scope and the outcome of your video then help you set a budget, create a film that makes sense and help you get the results you’re looking for. In the end, a well executed video strategy will actually cost you nothing in the long run as the return on investment will pay for itself over and over again.

I hope this was helpful! We look forward to serving your needs!

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