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“TeleStory Pictures understood our goals and developed a concept for the video that was spot on...[they] went above and beyond.”

~H2M, architects + engineers~

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You have goals. To share your message, change people's lives and grow your business. However, your message is getting out there like you need. And, creating MORE Beautiful pictures isn't enough. Anyone can do that. You need world-class video production combined with smart sales and marketing strategies.

Our Long Island Video production company has been helping Long Island businesses, just like yours, to cut through the noise, get their message heard, and grow their brand.

In a crowded, noisy market, video gets seen and watched more than any other form of marketing and media. In fact, people process your company information 60,000xs faster than text.

You see, in today's market, people want to do their own research online before they make a buying decision. Our video production company helps your Long Island company stand out from crowded market and become the company of choice for your prospects.


Thru full discovery your message & audience will be understood. A strong ROI strategy & plan will be created for your business. No cookie-cutting here.


Your opportunity to tell your story with your products & services & deliver that all important message you want your prospects & clients to hear.


With your project completed, your video will be delivered thru the planned strategy, delivering a powerful message & BIG WIN/ROI for your business

The Difference?

For nearly 20 years, businesses & non-profits, like you, have trusted our Long Island video production company to create marketing videos, corporate videos, corporate documentaries, training videos and more. They've all experienced greater ROI than ever before. Why? The strategic approach & execution to their marketing & video production needs is a proven, success formula spanning years of working with top brands, that the other production companies & marketing agencies aren't offering. To ensure the most successful results for your business we safe-guard to see that the collaborative, creative relationship with your organization is a good fit before beginning work with your company. This gives you unaltered, powerful solutions and services, the best ROI and business growth for your company. Discover the difference with our Long Island video production company. Call us today or click the button below to get started.

82% of your prospects aren't interested in talking to you or your sales team.



What's There To Lose?

Your Competition Getting Ahead With Video Marketing

Clients Going To Your Competitors

Lack of ROI On Current Marketing Strategies

Wasted Money On Marketing

Seems like everything! You don't want to see your prospects and clients migrate to the competition because their message is more clear & powerful than yours with video marketing. It will take a toll on your bottom line. Eventually your business doors close. Maybe your reach isn't strong enough. You thought video was too hard. That single decision could cost your your business in just a few years. 

Get The Edge With Video Marketing!

Convert Leads To Sales Faster By 85%

Clarity of Your Message, Services, Products

Be Seen As An Expert/Authority

Deliver A Format Everyone LOVES Viewing

Increase Your Bottom Line Revenues

Jump ahead of your competition and be seen as the expert and authority. You'll close more sales and profits will increase as never before. You'll finally see the success you deserve. It's easier than you think to get started.

It's Easy To Get Started

All it takes is a few simple steps to get started today and see a difference in your business revenues and growth. Contact our Long Island video production company today to get started.

1. Call & Use the Form

CALL OUR NUMBER NOW or use the form below to contact us today! It's that easy!

2. Set An Appointment

We'll set an appointment to discover more about your business, message, goals & discover if we're a good fit to work together.

3. Get Your Project Underway

Your project will then get underway with using the special process, including a complete schedule for on-time delivery and successful ROI to your business. It can't get any better than that!