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Medical & Healthcare Video Production

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You've built a medical healthcare company to increase the quality of people's lives. Your technology, innovation and services are changing lives everyday. 


Reaching More

Yet, you're frustrated because you're not standing out in the market iike you want. You feel like David fighting Goliath. You shouldn’t have to feel this way.


Not Your Fault

Hey, it's not your fault. Agencies and marketing companies have promised you the world. You have yet to see the ROI and the promised results you deserve. 


We Understand

We understand how it feels when you’re not impacting lives like you want. You need a partner who understands and guides you to lead out in your industry.

Medical & healthcare companies, like yours, trust us to tell their brand story



Brand Revenues


Industry Awards


Client ROI

"...thank you for providing VTS a first-rate film..."

Russ Hardy, Vice President & General Manager
VTS Medical Systems

Pretty Pictures Aren't Enough

Creating beautiful medical and healthcare films just isn't enough. Anyone can do that. It requires world-class production fused engaging storytelling and strategic marketing. At TeleStory Pictures, we create story-driven films that emotionally connect with doctors, patients, investors and your industry in a way that strengthens and grows your brand. Lastly, we strategically help you position those brand stories to generate BIG ROI for your company.


"Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell."

Seth Godin
Author & Entrepreneur

TeleStory Pictures, NYC Medical & Healthcare video production for industry disruptive leaders.

Our Process

Our unique, powerful, & proven process for medical & healthcare videos & films helps you connect with your audience & grow your brand


1 | Story

Uncover & discover stories & messages that connect with your audience


2 | Strategy

Creating key strategies to reach your audience with message & stories 


3 | Production

Filming of brand stories with the strategy in mind for the biggest impact


4 | Execution

Launch your stories & message to connect with your audience


5 | Celebrate

Celebrate your wins as your brand, message & business grow

Discover More How Our Process Can Benefit Brand Strategy & Company Growth

Ready To Tell Your Brand Story & Stand Out?

"Woohoo! Just watched this and I’m smiling. Thank you for all the extra attention…. I look forward to our next project!"

Connie Scholl Kurczewski, Director of Operations & Business Development, Elite Health Services

What's It Costing You?

How much is it costing you NOT to stand out in your industry, from your competition? How long will you miss the opportunity to reach further and change patients’ lives? Do potential patients and the healthcare industry truly understand how you can change their lives? What does the longevity of your company look like if you’re not willing to make a change now? A lack of telling your brand story may already be costing you a great deal.

You Can Thrive!

Begin the journey today! We'll find your stories, strategically tell them, execute a strategy and have you celebrating BIG WINS! You'll be able to set the frustration aside, stand out in your industry and begin to win the war against Goliath. You'll find even greater joy in serving the people you built your company to serve and change people’s lives in a greater way.

Begin the journey today! Let us tell your story!

Ready To Tell Your Brand Story & Stand Out?

Medical & Healthcare Video Production

We're a New York City Medical & Healthcare video & film production company serving industry disruptive influencers & global healthcare organizations to grow their target market & revenues by creating brand stories through engaging films. Having worked in the medical & healthcare space for more than two decades for companies like Myriad Genetics, Philips Medical, STERIS, Fresenius, ConvaTec, and more, we promote company growth through brand stories bolstering better healthcare and medical outcomes globally.