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Medical & Healthcare Video & Film Production


Changing Lives

Your services and technological advances in medicine and healthcare are changing lives daily. However, not everyone knows including medical professionals. People are going without a better quality of life because your message is unclear or not heard. Because of this, it affects your bottom line and growth opportunity in a very competitive market.

"The faster you can educate the faster you can sell."

Educate Faster

We understand your frustration from lack of exposure in the marketplace. It takes time to educate. And, the faster you can educate the faster you can sell. That's because doctors, patients and people do business with those they know, like and trust. The fastest way to educate and build trust is with video marketing. Our brains process information 60,000xs faster with video versus text.

Video Helps Your Prospects Process Your Companies Information 60,000xs Faster Than Text

It's Not Enough

However, creating beautiful medical and healthcare videos and films just isn't enough. Anyone can do that. It requires world-class production fused with smart sales and marketing strategy. At TeleStory Pictures, we've helped world leading brands, just like yours, create medical and healthcare films that deliver BIG results. We create targeted, story-driven videos and films that emotionally engage doctors, patients, investors and your industry in a way that strengthens your brand. Then we help you to strategically position those videos to generate BIG ROI for your company.


"...thank you for providing VTS with a first-rate corporate video..."

Russ Hardy, Vice President & General Manager
VTS Medical Systems

The Fastest Way To Educate & Build Trust Is With Video Marketing

VTS Medical | STERIS


VTS Medical, well-known for hospital operating room technology integration, wanted to showcase the many innovations they created for the medical and healthcare industry. While integrating video in operating room systems, they didn't have a video of their own after 30 years of business.


The history and innovations of VTS Medical & STERIS were showcased in an educational video that informed medical companies, hospitals and doctors of the latest technological advances. The film helped leap-frog them to become a top three global leader in their industry.

Elite Health Services


EHS had established a word-of-mouth reputation for it's physical therapy practice. With clients ranging from athletes to celebrities, they needed to create better outreach for doctors and a larger audience.


Using case-studies and testimonials, EHS used video to engaged doctors, patients, and others that EHS was the best leading solution. Further, EHS was directed in best marketing strategies and tactics to help grow their business using video. The practice has since opened several locations.

EZ Bra, an Israeli company


EZ Bra developed a revolutionary solution for post-operative breast surgery dressings. At the core of development was their personal experience with breast cancer recovery. They needed to reach a broader audience of doctors, clinicians and patients about the life changing health benefits of the product. 


As video is the fastest way to engage and teach viewers, instructional videos were created to showcase best practices and uses of the breast dressing and the benefits provided for doctors, clinicians and patients.

Are You Standing Out As The Expert? Or Is Your Competition?

You can continue feeling frustrated, not standing out as leader in your industry and lacking growth in your revenues. Or you can start today - Cut through the noise, reach your target audience and lead out in your industry. We can help you do that just as we have countless other companies, like yours, with medical and healthcare video marketing and production. Call us today!

"Woohoo! Just watched this and I’m smiling. Thank you for all the extra attention…. I look forward to our next project!"

Connie Scholl Kurczewski, Director of Operations & Business Development, Elite Health Services

Video Statistics

  • 73% of B2B marketing professionals say video has positively impacted marketing results.
  • 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  • 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand with a low-quality video experience.

Healthcare Video Production Uses

  • Showcase new medical devices and technology
  • “How to” product instructional videos for home patients.
  • 3D animations of the body, disease, drugs, surgeries or how a device works.
  • Private practice video – who you are, why and how
  • Video testimonials of patients or physicians strengthening brand awareness and quickly build trust