Refund/Return Policy


Refund of Products

All products and DVDs have a 30 day warrantee. In the event a product or DVD is defective, and it does not appear that it is broken by wear and tear of the product/DVD, TeleStory Pictures will replace the defective or broken item if returned within 30 days of purchase. Customers are in charge of return shipping. TeleStory Pictures will return ship the product free of charge.

Services Disclaimer

TeleStory Pictures does everything in its power to deliver the highest quality of services to its customers. Therefore, we mitigate where possible any and all circumstances that would interfere with us achieving this goal. TeleStory Pictures, however, will not be held liable for quality control issues in which the circumstances the Client requires us film is beyond our control including but not limited to: lack of available light, lack of power, spacial limitations, noise interference, weather conditions, crowds, warfare, acts of nature, etc and so forth.

Refund of Services

TeleStory Pictures provides a thorough workflow and approval process allowing Clients ample opportunity to make comments and give feedback on any and all production services. Once Clients have: 1) approved the project/footage by email or signature, and 2) make final payment, there are no refund of services.

Cancellation of Services

As we invest heavily our time, talent and resources to begin and complete all Client production services in a timely and satisfactory way, we require that Clients make a similar investment in their projects with a payment of 50% of the required services fees in order for TeleStory Pictures to begin work. Final approval of the completed project by signature or email, with the payment of the final balance, is required before the release of completed physical, electronic or intellectual properties to Clients. Once the 50% required payment has been made and work begun, there are no refunds. The remaining balance is still due for the release of any work completed.

Clients desiring TeleStory Pictures to stop work on any project must provide written notice by mail or email. In the event Client cancels work, Client is responsible for all services provided and costs incurred to date of received written cancellation notice. In no way will the fee paid be less than the amount of the deposit.

Cancellation of Video/Film/Photo Shoots

Crew call is defined as the time the video/film/photo crew arrives and begins work the day of the shoot. All cancellations/postponements of shoots must be made 48 hours prior to any scheduled crew call for Clients to be eligible for a refund minus a 20% service fee and any applicable bank or credit card fees. Clients canceling/postponing shoots less than 48 hours from the date and call time are responsible for 50% of the total cost of the shoot plus any applicable bank or credit card fees. No Client refunds are available for cancellations/postponements made within 24 hours of the shooting dates and crew call time. Client's must provide written notification of any cancellations or postponements via email and telephone call.