Three Golden Rules For Corporate Video

Three Golden Rules For Corporate Video

3 Golden Rules For Corporate Videos

Creating a corporate video of your products and services can be challenging. It doesn’t have to be that way if you know the rules. Here are three simple, golden rules to follow to create your next corporate video.

1. Tell An Emotionally Engaging Story That Connects With Your Audience.
The world is searching for answers to resolve their problems. If you have a great solution to their problem then you’re half way there. Since all buying decisions are emotional you need to connect with you audience emotionally to successfully complete the other half.

When you create a video about your products and services don’t just recite facts, statistics and features. Anyone can view that. Help your viewer connect emotionally with the benefits of your products and services by telling a great emotionally engaging story. That emotional connection will long be remembered over the fact sheet.

2. Don’t tell them. Show them.
Great motion pictures grab our attention and keep us on the edge of our seats. Why? They visually engage us. One of my favorite old action films is “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. In the opening scene Indiana Jones doesn’t explain in detail the value of the treasure he’s about to take or what he’s going to do next. Neither does a narrator or voice-over. The great director Steven Spielberg shows us. We’re left through a nail-biting several minutes wondering if Indiana Jones will make it out of the tomb alive.

Just like the power of motion pictures, use visuals to “show them”. Don’t waste the investment and energy of a video to “tell them” like a website, brochure or white paper. Show them. Did you know that more than 55% of C-level executives would rather view a video proposal than read it? Goes to show you the power of what video is doing. Yes, “showing them” takes a lot more creativity but is longer remembered. Done properly you can convey visually in a few minutes what could take an hour or longer presentation to explain or share. Don’t tell them. Show them.

3. Focus on your customers, not you.
You created products and services to solve a problem for your customers. That’s why they buy from you or you wouldn’t be in business. When you create a product or services video, make sure to focus on your customer’s needs and not your history and accolades. The latter doesn’t solve their problems. Get in the shoes of your customers/clients. As Will Rogers said, “…walk a mile in another man’s moccasins…” Understand their problems, needs and desires. Then, focus your video on them. Tell a story your viewers can relate to.

Video is a powerful way to tell your story. Using these three tips you can connect emotionally with your audience, show them how you can solve their problems and share solutions they can relate to. Make your next corporate video great by following these three rules!

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Michael Mills is producer/executive producer for TeleStory Pictures with more than 20 years experience in branded storytelling and the film industry. Credits include numerous international awards for documentaries, high-end corporate media and direct to DVD film releases. Based out of New York City, Michael loves the city, great food, Broadway, entertainment, staying healthy, running, serving in his Church and community and most importantly spending time with his wife and two daughters.