Using Cell Phone Video To Grow Your Business

Using Cell Phone Video To Grow Your Business

You’re an expert in your industry and passionate about what you do every day to either work for someone else or build your business. The fastest way to build trust, show your expertise and gain a following with people is using video. Now, why video? Videos are better shared, liked, and trusted and more people love watching video than of course reading your copy or text. Now, I know what you might be saying. I’m not good on camera. I don’t have a studio or all that fancy production gear. You don’t need that for what I’m about to show you.

Nearly everyone has a cell phone. In fact, I’m recording this video on a cell phone. You create selfies all the time to post online. So why not use this to share your expertise and build trust with people?

Here’s how it works. You want to offer a certain number of pointers or tips about an expert topic you’re very familiar with like, three tips for saving closing costs when selling your home or five things to consider when investing in the stock market. You share those as a hook, tell people who you are, then reveal your tips. Use a small number of tips. Our brains can only retain a certain amount of information so you want to keep it short so people can remember. Make sure to use odd numbers in your offer. Strange, but true, people are attracted to odd numbers. When you’re done sharing the tips, thank them and tell them where they can get more information like directing them to your website.

Let me show you one more tip to get you started. Then I’ll show you how to do this. You want to get your cell phone out, turn it to selfie mode, and then get yourself near a window so that people can see your face a lot better. You want that light to come in so they can see your eyes rather than having a shadow come down and darken your eyes.

Next, hit record and deliver your tips just like this. “Looking to get more traffic and visitors on your website to increase followers and sales? This is really important as we come out of covid-19. In this video I’m going to reveal three ways you can increase search engine rankings, close more sales, and increase revenues using video.”

Now at this point of the video it’s really important to make sure they understand those benefits and that’s what I shared just now. Then you continue on. “Hi! I’m Michael Mills with TeleStory Pictures. People often ask me how they can get more website traffic or be more easily found in the search engines. Let me share with you my three top tips for doing this.”

You reveal number one, number two and so forth. Lastly, wrap up by saying, “I hope these tips were helpful.” Reiterate the benefits you did at the beginning of the video to help people connect the dots. Thank them for watching and then give them a call to action. You always want to be thinking about what next steps you want your prospects or clients to take like directing them to your website for more information. That’s it straightforward and simple. That’s how you create the videos.

Practice this and you’ll become a pro. Remember, with practice you get better at anything. As an expert you can share your knowledge, grow your business and followers.

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Michael Mills is producer/executive producer for TeleStory Pictures with more than 20 years experience in branded storytelling and the film industry. Credits include numerous international awards for documentaries, high-end corporate media and direct to DVD film releases. Based out of New York City, Michael loves the city, great food, Broadway, entertainment, staying healthy, running, serving in his Church and community and most importantly spending time with his wife and two daughters.