A Video Marketing Lesson For Your Business From the NFL

A Video Marketing Lesson For Your Business From the NFL

Recently the NFL changed game rules for kickoff play. The NFL hopes these new rules will decrease future head and neck injuries to players. Explaining these new rules could prove to be challenging. It was important to educate the public, including coaches, players and fans, about the complex changes to the rules and formations of the game in a way that were clear, concise and remembered.

Rather than tell us about the changes, the NFL got smart and showed us the changes using the power of video marketing. They knew everyone craves video, relates to it, and presses play when there is an option to watch. They created a short animated video that entertained, informed and received a lot of press. You can see the video below.

The NFL new what smart video marketers do. They knew that 92% of mobile users would consume the video and then share it with a friend, and that fans were 4xs more likely to watch the video than read about it in the press.
As a business owner or leader, you need to explain complex ideas, products, or services to your audience. Did you know that messages delivered thru video are retained 95% more when compared to 10% retention when reading.

Next time you have a complex idea, product, or service to explain, follow the NFL’s lead and consider using video. That play could help you win your business goals and growth.

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