YouTube vs Vimeo – Which Is Better For My Business?

YouTube vs Vimeo – Which Is Better For My Business?

YouTube vs Vimeo – Which Is Better For My Business?

As a video/ film production company we often get asked the question which is better, YouTube or Vimeo. It really depends on how you’re using it. If you’re using video in your business, and you should be using a lot of video in your marketing and sales process, if want to be competitive and thrive in today’s business market, then you’ll want to keep reading to learn which is best and how to use each.

There are so many tools in today’s world to build and grow your business. It can be overwhelming to know which is best. Asking the question, which video platform is better, YouTube or Vimeo, is like asking which is better a hammer or a saw. Truthfully, both are great platforms and each has their purpose to help grow your business. If used correctly you’ll be able to successfully use one or both for your video marketing needs.

Using YouTube For Video Marketing

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. If you’ve spent any time online you’ll know Google is ranked number one. Google owns YouTube. Google’s data and analytics show more than 72% of internet users prefer video over website copy or text. Therefore, Google ranks relevant videos higher in search rankings than websites or blogs.

Every minute more than three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Its volume of content includes informative, educational and entertaining videos. It’s often referred to as World University as you can learn anything you want on YouTube. Marketing savvy entrepreneurs and companies build branded YouTube channels with videos that educate, entertain, create a following and help close sales. They’re use search engine strategies within YouTube’s platform to help videos rank higher in relevant search engine rankings. This means when users search for something online, their videos compete in search with other websites and content. That’s a big help in building industry expertise, market awareness and growing your business.

While setting up a YouTube channel is free with your Google account, YouTube’s revenues come from paid advertising during YouTube video play and that’s where things can work against your business if you’re using website embedded YouTube videos. YouTube’s brand interface shows up everywhere you embed a YouTube video. This can distract from building your company brand awareness. Since YouTube’s revenues are driven by paid advertising, YouTube does what they can to disrupt website user experiences by encouraging users, your prospects or customers, to leave your web page and visit YouTube. How? Notice at the end of all YouTube videos they offer a selection of video thumbnails the viewer might have interest in watching. That happens on YouTube and when you embed YouTube videos on your website. Suddenly the message you’ve been sharing gets disrupted for attention somewhere other than your website and sales process. When you embed YouTube videos on your website, YouTube is directly competing with you for your prospect or customers attention. That’s not good for your business. If you want to embed video on your website, there is another choice.

Using Vimeo For Video Marketing

Just like YouTube, Vimeo is another great video platform for your business videos. Setup properly, we find Vimeo videos compete equally with YouTube for search engine rankings. Signing up for a Vimeo account is free. They also offer paid options, where YouTube doesn’t, that could be helpful to your marketing efforts. More on that in a moment.

Building brand equity into your video interface, for embedded website videos, helps drive greater user experience and build brand trust. That’s where Vimeo shines. Certain levels of Vimeo accounts allow customization of the video player interface to include brand color, logo, video controls and what information the users see. This is very helpful when considering email and marketing campaigns. Further you can control privacy settings; what websites show the videos and who can see them. This is very helpful creating membership sites or sales funnels.

Here’s what you really need to know about video marketing and using video in your business that will help you seriously grow your business. Google ranks website relevance based on the time visitors stay on a website. The longer a user stays on your website, the more Google sees the website as relevant information and ranks the pages and website higher. Video throughout your web pages helps users stay longer thus increasing your search engine rankings and relevance.

Embedded Vimeo videos don’t show distracting video thumbnails that compete for your user’s attention. Further, and this is where is gets interesting for your marketing needs, certain paid Vimeo accounts allow you to create CTAs, or Calls To Action, at the end of videos, allowing you to continue engagement with and direct your viewers in the sales and marketing process. This keeps site visitors on your website longer, keeps them engaged in your company experience longer and helps increase your search engine rankings.

Vimeo’s videos are search engine friendly, and as mentioned, compete equally with YouTube. You can include key search titles, words and descriptions as well as the transcript into the videos information to help search relevance and rankings.  is great on its own for placing content and using key words users are searching for to help you rank higher in SEO.

In the end, the short answer is this. Both YouTube and Vimeo are great for video. Each has its use and purpose. If you want to use video on your website and in your marketing campaigns and increase search engine relevance and rankings, you should seriously consider setting up a Vimeo account. It will allow to control how and where the videos show, reflect your brand and keep users engaged longer on your website. If you’re interested in a platform to showcase your videos, create a following and audience, increase search rankings and don’t need to embed the videos on your website or within your marketing campaign, then YouTube is a great choice. If used correctly you’ll be able to successfully use one or both to build your business using video marketing.

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