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of your audience are making buying decisions long before they talk with you or your sales team. So, how do you stand out as the trusted brand?


Branded stories are the most powerful way to emotionally connect with your audience & create trust.

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We help businesses like yours stand out in a noisy market and be seen as the solution USING THREE KEY ELEMENTS.



Story is the best way to emotionally connect with your prospects. Relevant stories pull your audience thru to see you as the solution to their problem. Story creates context setting you apart from the competition. We work with you to discover the most engaging story and tell that story to your audience.


Emotionally connecting builds trust. Trust is a powerful buying transaction. And, aren't you really in the business of selling trust? We help you build trust quickly thru our video marketing process. 


To engage your audience, your content and solutions need to be where your prospects are searching. We discover, build and execute a strategy that delivers your branded story where your prospects are, grows your brand and your bottom line. It's all about increasing your brand equity.

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Long Island Innovation Park At Hauppauge

Commercial & Video Campaign


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Long Island Innovation Park At Hauppauge

The Challenge

HIA-LI , the largest business advocate organization on Long Island, was working with local government and city leaders to bolster the economic growth of the second largest industrial park in the United States, the Long Island Innovation Park At Hauppauge. The HIA-LI had been a voice of advocacy for the Park and its businesses for more than 40 years. They approached TeleStory Pictures, an HIA-LI member, and asked them to assist them in creating an ad campaign, to include a television commercial and subsequent short films for the website and landing page to drive interest and further educate those considering relocating to the LIIPH (Long Island Innovation Park At Hauppauge). The commercial needed to deliver critical, yet impressive key data in 30 seconds and the website video required interviewing a host of key executives, subject matter experts, and  and extensive storytelling b-roll footage. The deadline was short.

The Solution

Gathering key interviews, stories, statistics, and storytelling footage, included extensive hours of research, scheduling, image gathering, archival footage and more. Film crews traveled for two weeks across Long Island capturing the stories of these successful companies in the Long Island Innovation Park At Hauppauge. The interviews with key executives allowed TeleStory Pictures to create customer testimonial stories of these successful businesses, critical social proof needed to build trust and further inquiry from outside businesses regarding the park.

The commercial ran for some 12 weeks. The shorter film was used by leaders to promote the park during meetings and shared across different media channels. The films helped pave the way for future opportunities and strengthen the brand awareness of the park in the region and across the country.

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International Silver Telly Award Winner

The international premier award, honoring video and television across all screens, honored TeleStory Pictures and the HIA-LI with a coveted and prestigious International Silver Telly Award for the LIIPH short promo film. This honor places TeleStory Pictures in the category this year along side other well-known honorary’s including Sony Music, ESPN Films, BBC, Conde Nast, Warner Bros., Disney and many more.


"TeleStory was great to work with! They really just went above and beyond to make this happen."

Terri Alessi-Miceli, President | CEO, HIA-LI

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LIIPH Short Film

AVZ Story

Castella Imports Story